Waste Minimisation

The fashion industry is notoriously wasteful, so we make a conscious effort to reduce waste from our production. We keep almost all of our left over fabric and off-cuts to hold for future designs rather than disposing of them. As soon as viable we are hoping to offer an ongoing range of accessories and garments made from our leftover fabric.

We send our items with plastic free, compostable courier bags by Hero Packaging. Our items are wrapped in tissue paper and packed with an uncoated paper thank you card. 


Our first drop features only polyester items. As such, all purchases include a detailed care guide for our customers to take care of their sets in a way that is both best for the fabric and for the planet. 

While initially selecting a durable fabric that was well suited to our creative vision for this drop, we have since learnt more about the environmental impact of polyester and other popular fabrics. We are committed to continually improving the sustainability of our fabric selections in future collections. 

Slow Fashion 

When you purchase from a small slow fashion brand, you’re doing more than just supporting community owned business. You’re also creating market demand for slow fashion, which forces bigger, fast fashion brands to shape their strategies in accordance with consumer spending habits. This gives us all tremendous responsibility to choose ethically.

If you’d like to learn more about the issues associated with fast fashion and ways that you can help, we recommend the following resources: 

Slow fashion crash course on the One Small Step App: You answer a couple of questions and it creates a simple action plan for you to get more involved in the slow fashion movement.

Short video by Teen Vogue - The Problem With Fast Fashion: 

Short video by Vice  - A Beginner’s Guide to Sustainable Fashion: